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Did You Know

Selecting a Physician

Although selecting a doctor for your family can be one of the most important decisions you make, many people spend very little time doing so. Making an effort to research, visit, and find the right doctor for you, your child, or your parent goes a long way towards achieving optimal health and should a key step you make in taking charge of your health.

Certain factors you should consider include: the physician's specialty, experience, board certification, recommendations from family/friends, hospital affiliations, bedside manner. You need to feel comfortable with the doctor you select. There are many useful tools you can use - some are free, others may cost a small fee (such as those offering specific physician profiles). Below is a short listing of a few sites that you may find useful.

* NTSP Physician Satisfaction Survey
* Choosing a Doctor, DFW Net Mall, Health
* American Medical Association
* Certified Doctor - Selecting a Specialist, Verify Certification
* HealthGrades - Research a Doctor (pay site)
* Choice Trust - (pay site)
* Best Doctors website

These links are provided only as selected choices for you. NTSP does not endorse, sponsor, or profit from any external website or vendor.